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CK ALARM REPAIRS CK 236i, CK 238 CK Systems Intellisense


We have a good range of Reconditioned CK Keypad and main units in stock

We can reset your CK alarm codepad as we have all programming chips available - No need to upgrade although we can upgrade your CK alarm if you prefer

Alarm Maintenance can also connect keyring remotes for arm disarm function to most types of CK alarm systems

CK Alarm System Resets - Alarm Programming and Factory Defaults

We service keypad memory light flashing - Power light flashing - Service light flashing - Alarm keypad beeping - Alarm system reset - Alarm battery replacements - Keypad replacements - Alarm Beeping fault - Smoke alarms beeping - False alarms repaired

Alarm system reset should be done by a qualified technician. In most cases, the installer code is not known and makes this process difficult to do yourself. A full factory default is then required. If your alarm system is beeping, this is a signal that your alarm system needs to be serviced.

Is your alarm system false alarming?

There is nothing more annoying than an Alarm system with false alarms and a beeping keypad. Waking up in the early hours by the alarm sirens for no apparent reason is very troublesome.

Environmental and various system faults may cause a beeping keypad and trouble light to occur. Our experienced service technicians can systematically analyze and repair the fault of your alarm system.

Our alarm service technicians can repair many different makes and models.

CK Help

To reset your zone memory lights flashing press *1# whenever your CK panel has gone into Alarm.

The Service light on CK Keypad means Bell / Fuse Fault - The Service light Off is Normal State

Service Light Flashing Slow is Watch Dog Status - Service Light Flashing Fast is Fail to Communicate

Power Light on is Normal - Power Light off means loss of Mains Power

We can reset your CK 236i 238 - Sierra alarm code if you have lost it and even if the alarm has been programmed for factory lockout.

We do carry all the default IC chips for all the c-k series . These default IC chips are obsolete and not many alarm companies have them.


CK ALARM SOUND MEANING FOR THE KEYPAD - 2 beeps (confirmation tones) . system armed or disarmed . successful central station test or battery test pulsed tone (2 seconds on, 2 seconds off) . zone programmed for pulsed bell or siren is in alarm continuous tone zone programmed for steady bell or siren is in alarm circuit malfunction (trouble on supervised loops only) 5 beeps (error tones) invalid function unauthorized command attempted error changing PIN number wrong PIN number entered .. chirping (1 second on, 4 seconds off) . zone programmed for chirping bell or siren is in alarm zone faulted during walk-test 2 second beep . door chime continuous beeping, speeding up for last ten seconds . exit delay time continuous tone, beeping fast for last ten seconds in entry delay time


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