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NESS 5000 alarm keypad Repairs

We Stock a full range of Ness 5000 keypads - You can purchase a Ness 5000 5000KP 5500KP or Ness Classic keypad from Alarm Maintenance - These keypads are obsolete and hard to find

We do service - upgrades - repairs to existing Ness 5000 alarms - Very popular in its time

Ness alarm system reset - Ness 5000 programming

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Ness alarm system programming should be done by a qualified technician. In most cases the program code is not known and makes this process difficult to do yourself. A full factory default is then required. If your alarm system is beeping, this is a signal that your alarm system needs to be serviced. We do maintenance for alarm system battery replacements to NESS 5000 alarm systems

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We sell a good range of reconditioned keypads for many older type systems Ness DX8, NESS Pro L NESS Pro LD NESS Pro LX LXE NESS 5000 4 zone keypad NESS 5000 8 zone keypad NESS 5500 KP keypad Ness eco X8 and much more

The NESS 5000 alarm system can be monitored by our monitoring company and also supports self monitoring by telephone, Mobile Phone or 3G GSM unit via SIM card

Ness Alarm Systems has everything you need in a security alarm for Home and Business security. Providing high security features and simplicity at the best price!

How to arm the Ness alarm system

Disarming the alarm system

Bypassing or Excluding and turning OFF rooms/zones on Arming

The Ness alarm system permits you to program the alarm system to turn OFF zones that your prefer.
Press the [EXCLUDE] button.
Enter your user code.
Press the [E or ENTER] button.
The exclude LED/LCD segment will turn on.
Select the zones that you wish to bypass, then press [E or ENTER].
Continue adding each zone to Bypass by repeating previous step .
Press the [E or ENTER] button to exit Exclude mode.
The exclude LED/LCD indicator on the Ness keypad will flash and the selected zone will be bypassed next time the system is armed.

Home Mode. (Stay/Monitor/Home) Arming the Ness alarm system

This function permits you to be in the protected area while partially arming the Ness alarm system.
For example, when you go to sleep at night, doors and windows can be armed without arming the other rooms.
Press the [HOME or MONITOR] button. Then Press the [E or ENTER] button.
The ARMED LED/LCD indicator on the Ness keypad will now flash continuously.
This indicates that the system is in Home armed mode.

To disarm - Enter 4 digit user code then [E or Enter] e.g 1 2 3 4 E

Viewing the Ness Alarm History (Previous Alarms)

If your alarm system has been triggered ,the [MEMORY] button will illuminate.
To display the zones which have have been activated
Press the [MEM or MEMORY] button. Then press [E or ENTER] . The MEMORY LED/LCD indicator on keypad will turn on.
Press the [MEM or MEMORY] button again.
The most recent event will be displayed on the keypad. Press the [MEMORY] button to view the next event. Keep pressing the [MEM or MEMORY] to view previous history events.
Press the [E or ENTER] button twice to exit program memory mode. The memory light will now turn off.

Changing Ness User Codes

To change Ness user codes, you will first require the Master code.
Press [P or PROGRAM] . Then enter the Master code. Then [E or ENTER] button. e.g. P 123 E.
Press [P or PROGRAM] again. Then enter the User program number. Then [E or ENTER]
Enter your new 4 digit code. Then [E or ENTER]
The keypad will beep once.
Enter the new 4 digit code again. Then press the [E or ENTER].
The keypad will beep 3 times to confirm the new code
To exit this mode, press [P or PROGRAM] and then [E or ENTER] button. Your code has now changed and previous number erased.

e.g. (If the user code is 1234 , Master code program number is 201 and the new 4 digit master code is 2016) P1234E P201E 2016 E 2016 E P E (P= program E= enter)

It is very important to keep your alarm system in good working order. You don`t want to be woken up at 2 in the morning with an alarm that you can`t stop.

Regular servicing helps to maintain the reliable performance of your alarm system. It is important to have your alarm system serviced regulary which ensures no false alarms.

Insurance companies prefer you have a good working alarm system maintained.

Changing alarm master and user codes can be performed easily in most cases. Please refer to your user manual for instructions on how to change codes. If you have lost your master code this must be done by a licenced technician as you will need to factory default your alarm system. You may not be able to do this procedure without an installers pin code. Please never give your code to anyone. If you think someone may have your user pin code, please change this immediately. If you move into a new property with an existing alarm system please have it serviced immediately and ask the service technician to check and clear your keyring remote control units. Pre owners may have several remote control arm/disarm units that you may not be aware about

We have the most experienced Alarm Technicians in the security industry. Our friendly licenced team provide coverage in Melbourne. We fix most models of security equipment whether recent, obsolete or new. We will assigned an Expert Alarm Technician for your needs ensuring they are fully prepared for all your requirements. Our planning is scheduled well in advance to allow for any emergencies.

Please contact Alarm Maintenance to discuss any of your requirements. We will only be to pleased to help


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