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How to protect your property when your on holidays

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Preventing a Break in to your Property in Australia.

So what is the right course of action to take to protect your family, premises and possessions. Follows these steps and hopefully you will never have to deal with any wanted intrusions to your home or business when your on holidays.

1.  When you are away from your property for a long time have your Mail redirected at your Post Office and it is best to fit a  NO JUNK MAIL sign on your letterbox. Get someone to always clear your mail from the letter box. Make sure to turn on the alarm system if you have one.

2. Do not turn the power off when you go on holidays. The battery backup will go flat and you will not have a working security system

3. Double check windows and gates are closed especially to give you peace of mind when you are away

4. Fit a burglar alarm system to your home. The cost of this is very affordable now and they are a valuable deterrent. You can set your alarm when you are away and also when your are at home or when you are asleep. When you go to bed at night you can ARM other areas you don't sleep in (for example: the ground floor of your home can be set ON while you sleep upstairs is bypassed)

5. Remember to turn OFF Heating and Air Conditioners when setting the Alarm as this may cause False Alarming due to changing air temperature and air movement

6. Mice, bugs, moths, spiders and many insects can also cause false alarms. Please use Surface Spray around your sensors before you go away so this will eliminate false alarms.

7. Ensure the Battery is replaced every 3-4 years to ensure a fully charged battery is maintained during power loss and will stop an alarm beeping keypad.

8. Fit CCTV cameras to your home. Do it yourself camera systems today can be relatively inexpensive and can hook up to view on a mobile phone. The monitor can be hidden away in a closet.  Burglars will not want to be captured on a video monitor. Should your home be invaded, the police will have valuable evidence to catch a thief.

9. Close your windows when you are away. Fit security door/window locks to the perimeter. Home security alarm systems are a great deterrent for burglars as they will want to run away when the loud sirens are screaming. Burglars tend to look for an external siren box when checking out a property. If they see a burglar alarm system warning decals they will most likely move on somewhere else

Follows these steps and hopefully you will never have to deal with any wanted intrusions to your home or business when your on holidays.

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