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Expert alarm Technicians with over 28 years experience provide Reliable Alarm Repairs

We provide repairs in Melbourne for many types of popular alarm systems on the Market. Alarm repairs Maintenance service most major types including Bosch, HILLS, NESS, Reliance NetworX NX DAS, Solution, Honeywell, Ademco, IEI, Crow, DSC, EDM

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We have many alarm parts at hand and in our mobile vans to get the job done onsite swiftly. We stock with us most major alarm panels, detectors, sirens, wireless devices, remote control units and much more.

We do stock a wide range of security installation manuals, lithium batteries, alarm batteries for battery replacements to wireless devices including main control panels to get the job done.

Some alarm systems won`t tell you there is a low battery indication, rather they will display a system fault or a tamper fault to a wireless device. This can be very difficult to service a security system yourself especially if you have never done this before.

Changing system pin codes can be performed easily yourself in most cases if you have the original master code. Please refer to user manuals for instructions on how to perform this procedure. If you have lost your alarm system code we can call out to reset the control panel.

A security alarm beeping pad also indicates this now requires servicing and should be attended to straight away. 

We can repair your alarm system for fast reliable services in Melbourne.

Smoke Detector Batteries

Battery operated smoke detectors with a flat battery also emits a "chirp" now and then drawing your attention that the fire protection devices now should be replaced. The low battery chirping identifies a signal warning that every battery needs immediate replacement. Use Batteries recommended by your smoke alarm instruction manual.

They are calling for all smoke detectors to be installed to every bedroom in Victoria which surely will save more lives. Don`t forget to change your fire alarm batteries every year.

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