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Ness Kpx Alarm System Repairs to Ness alarms- Upgrades to Kpx Keypads 

We Stock a good range of KPX keypads D8 D16 D8x D16x

We service Ness KPX keypad memory light flashing - Ness Keypad battery light flashing - Alarm keypad beeping - Alarm system recommission - Alarm battery changeover - KPX Code pad repair - Ness Alarm Beeping - False alarms repaired

Ness KPX alarm system are still very popular in Australia and there are plenty of these systems installed in homes and offices. We can service and repair your KPX in Melbourne for fast prompt reliable call out.

ness kpx siren false alarmingIs your security alarm false alarming during the day?

We can service and repair your KPX alarm system if sirens are screaming during the day for no reason. Contact Alarm Maintenance. Were here to help .

Basic information to your KPX security alarm system

Ness KPX LCD Code Pad

ness kpx siren false alarmingUseful functions for the LCD screen

This Ness code pad has an illuminated LCD screen used for viewing

There are two separate areas for using Ness alarms

Ness KPX alarms will let you operate the system in two different areas. So if your property has a granny flat at the rear then you can use the system to control two separate places. ie. the house (Area 1) and the granny flat (Area 2). This now requires at least two code pads for this split partitioning to work on each site. A user pin code can be programmed to an area to use that area only however a user pin code can be authorized with programming to operate both areas at the same time.

NBN issues to your Ness alarm system

nbn mount waverley The NBN in Australia is our current internet and phone Network and in most cases will cause your KPX security system to not work. So the best solution is to install a GSM unit so your communications will be back working again. If you have control room monitoring then we will need to install a GPRS unit at your premises. Your existing KPX security system will now be compatible and there is no need to buy a new alarm system.

Other models we service


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