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Alarm Repairs to Nidac CM7 - CM8 Alarm Systems

We Stock a good range of old obsolete Nidac Alarm Control Panels & keypads

Our Alarm Maintenance can do alarm upgrades & repairs to old existing alarms

Nidac Alarm System Commissioning - Alarm Programming and Factory Defaults

We service keypad memory light flashing - Power light flashing - Service light flashing - Alarm keypad beeping - Alarm system reset - Alarm battery replacements - Keypad replacements - Alarm Beeping fault - Smoke alarms beeping - False alarms repaired

Does your existing alarm system have keyring remote controls? We can connect them to any alarm system!

Alarm system reset should be done by a qualified technician. In most cases, the program code is not known and makes this process difficult to do yourself. A full factory default is then required. If your alarm system is beeping, this is a signal that your alarm system needs to be serviced.

Is your alarm system false alarming?

nidac siren false alarming There is nothing more annoying than an Alarm system with false alarms and a beeping keypad. Waking up in the early hours by the alarm sirens for no apparent reason is very troublesome.

Environmental and various system faults may cause a beeping keypad and trouble light to occur. Our experienced service technicians can analyze and repair the fault of your alarm system.

NBN issues to your Nidac alarm system

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In most cases the updated rollout to your Nidac alarm system will make alarm monitoring communications redundant. A flashing Memory light, flashing line light and/or beeping sound occurs when your alarm system attempts to dial either a monitoring back to base, mobile phone or a domestic landline phone number without success. It is likely that the receiving number didn't connect (communication fault). If you have fitted a new ADSL, VOIP,  WIRELESS WIFI/MODEM  to your telephone system, you may need to ring your network service provider to check to see if this is compatible to your alarm system. If necessary ring our alarm service technicians for alarm service. Here is the link to find out if this network is available at your home or business

NBN service providers list


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