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DAS DL SERIES keypad repairs replacements - Master code resets

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We have a good range of Reconditioned DL series DAS Keypads and main units in stock

We can reset your DL Series alarm codepad as we have many default chips in stock and keys for main unit

repairs for dl das series remote control keyfobs replacements old new alarm servicesDoes your existing DAS DL Series alarm system have keyring remote controls? Our Alarm Maintenance can connect remote controls to current old and existing alarms. We can install keyring remotes for arm disarm to most DL SERIES SVC alarm systems

DAS 60L DL00 DL150 DL200 DL208 DL250 DL300 SVC

svc das dl repair servicing business mount waverley We service keypad memory light flashing - Power light flashing - Service light flashing - Alarm keypad beeping - Das alarm system reset factory defaults - Change alarm user codes - Alarm battery replacements - Keypad replacements service repairs - Alarm Beeping faults fixed - Alarm Upgrades to existing DL DAS security systems - False alarms repaired - Smoke alarms beeping

Is your alarm system false alarming?

das dl siren false alarming There is nothing more annoying than an Alarm system with false alarms and a beeping keypad. Waking up in the early hours by the alarm sirens for no apparent reason is very troublesome. Environmental and various system faults may cause a beeping keypad and trouble light to occur. Our experienced service technicians can analyze and repair the fault of your alarm system.

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Phone communication issues to your DAS DL SERIES alarm system

nbn mount waverley In most cases this updated rollout to your DAS DL alarm system will make alarm monitoring communications redundant. The National Broadband Network is a government organised Communication network of fibre optic cable across Australia to replace our existing copper cable network and infrastructure for phone lines and broadband services. This new network is being managed and constructed by the Government owned company NBN Company. What this means is that if you want to continue using a monitored alarm system, telephone and using the internet through a landline service you will need to connect a 3G/4G GSM unit or IP connection to your alarm system. A Communication fault occurs when your alarm system attempts to dial either a monitoring back to base, mobile phone or a domestic landline phone number without success. It is likely that the receiving number didn't connect (comms fail).



Make sure the green READY light is on (areas are sealed)

Enter USER CODE eg. 2 5 8 0 or press 3 if is has been programmed in by a technician (known as Quick Arm)

Check to see the Red Arm light on keypad comes ON

ARMING YOUR SECURITY SYSTEM ---- To Arm the DAS DL series alarm system, close doors and windows. The green "READY" light on the code pad will be illuminated when the protected zones and sensors are secure. If any of the zones are isolated, a sensor in that zone can be violated without affecting the "READY" light. The security system will not arm if the "READY" light is not illuminated. With the "READY" light on, you may arm the security system with your 4 digit Code. Each time a key is pressed on the keypad, a short tone (beep) will sound. If the code pad beeps three times after a code entry, it is an indication that the code has not been accepted. Press the [#] key (reset) and re-enter a valid code. The DAS DL codepad sounder can be silenced by re-entering your four digit code. If the "POWER" light is off, that means you have no mains power. When the security system has accepted a valid code, the red "ARMED" light will illuminate indicating that the system has been turned on. The user must leave within the exit delay time.


Enter USER CODE eg. 2 5 8 0

Red Arm light on the keypad goes OFF

When you return to your property the codepad will sound a continuous tone (beep) for the duration of the entry delay time. Enter a valid code within this entry time and the red "ARMED" light will turn OFF, and the tone will stop. The security system is now DISARMED. If a valid code is not entered before the end of the entry delay time, an alarm will occur. (NOTE: IF THE EXTERNAL BLUE LIGHT IS FLASHING WHEN RETURNING TO YOUR PREMISES, THE DL DAS ALARM SYSTEM HAD BEEN ACTIVATED AND THE RED "ARMED" LIGHT WILL FLASH AS WELL, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER YOUR PREMISES AND CONTACT YOUR SECURITY PATROL COMPANY.)

Changing codes on the Das DL Series must be done with the master code.

If you do have the master code, changing the user codes is quite easy to change.

Changing the master and user code for the DL-100, DL-150, DL-200, DL-250, DL-300,

For user 1 (master code): change from 1234 to 2015 (eg, If the master code is set to 1234 )

*1# 1234 *1# 2015 *1#

User 4 from what ever it is now to 4545 (eg, If the master code is set to 1234 )

*4# 1234 *4# 4545 *4#

Deleting user code 1 (eg, If the master code is set to 1234 )

*1# 1234 *1# 1234 *1#

Bypassing Sensors

Sensors can be programmed to isolate. Example to Enable bypassing zone 2 - enter *2* the zone light 2 should be lit. Then arm the system. in Locations 219-224: Assigning Special Characteristics For Zones (If you have a DAS DL LCD Keypad).

Partial Arm

This unique home level arming permits you to remain inside your home and only arm areas that are not occupied. For example, Night Arming. Partial arm must be programmed in for this feature to work.

Quick Arm

If programmed in by technician the DAS DL series Keypad can be armed by entering a one button "Quick Arm" code which is [3]. by default.

Alarm Memory

To view the history of your previous alarm activation, press [0] and wait 5 seconds. The zones that were activated during the last alarm will flash for 5 seconds. This condition will stay in memory until the next alarm activation.


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