bosch 3000 security alarm code pad repairs das fire light flashing on alpha code pad das fire light flashing repairs

Faults with your DAS fire light flashing

A fast flashing fire light in unison with the service indicator means that a smoke alarm to your security system now requires immediate attention. Also this service light condition with the fire light ON can be accompanied with an expander trouble fault.

Sometimes there might be a fault where the fire light is flashing fast and when you press the keys there will be no response (no key press beep). 
This is an indication there might be a fault with:

How to reset a DAS fire light from the code pad 

das fire light flashing

If the code pad still beeps and/or the red light does not go OUT, this now requires a service.

A steady fire light illuminated represents a smoke detector had been set OFF. The fire light will affect mostly latching type smoke alarms.

Smoke alarms more than 10 years old require replacement due to law requirements and safety issues. Best to keep insurance companies happy and importantly your family safe. Smoke alarms connected to your DAS SVC Hills Reliance Networx NX intruder system become less reliable over time.


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