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Alarm Maintenance servicing to premises in Melbourne

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Why is alarm maintenance important to protecting homes and business

Now more than ever before the importance of alarm maintenance solutions to many aspects in security equipment including access access control systems, CCTV cameras, alarm systems and home automation have become increasingly important.

It is essential to have every available camera working and recording continuously without failure, to have every alarm detector working properly as this will ensure that you have the evidence at hand in case of an intrusion to homes and property. We live in a completely different world now changing every day and the need to stay at home and away safely is forever so important.

When it comes to alarm maintenance challenges in any large industrial security system there's plenty more work tasks to take into consideration. If done frequently this will ensure there will be minimal false alerts and less beeping keypads to homes and businesses throughout Australia. Also the timely need to frequently update computer software will make everything work as it should.

Alarm maintenance has been at the forefront of electronic security for decades with technicians that seek ever more advanced ways to maintain periodical routine procedures. Advances in Integration to 24 hour monitoring technologies are very helpful in detecting early signs arising from equipment failure including low battery devices.

Finally regular maintenance is important to do and some insurance companies endorse this need for a monitored security system to be in good working operation. Business owners will benefit from this requirement as people are largely focused on having piece of mind when they are away from their property enjoying themselves.

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How to regularly test your alarm system       

  • Run Diagnostic check if available to your alarm system
  • Check history of alarm system since last maintenance service
  • Visual inspection of major alarm components including cabling & terminal connections. Check for signs of deterioration or damage
  • Check mains power supply including terminals
  • Test battery power supply including charging rates
  • Walk test every electronic sensor and motion detectors
  • Check satisfactory operation of  devices e.g. panic buttons
  • Test every wireless equipment devices
  • Test the internal and external siren to make sure they work
  • Repair minor faults where necessary (additional costs may apply) Log test results
  • Replace 12-volt back-up-battery plus any additional wireless devices (additional costs may apply)

It is best to keep your security alarm system in top shape. Regular servicing helps to maintain the best performance to your security equipment with testing to be done at least once a year. A regular routine service to your alarm system ensures the system's reliability and durability every day of the year. 

Many surveillance camera systems especially outdoor CCTV in conjunction with alarm systems need to be maintained properly and can’t be neglected.
It is vital to spend at least once a year routine maintenance to your cameras because overtime the operating performance diminishes significantly.
It is important to incorporate a regular proper maintenance program in cleaning, testing with at least two people visually checking your cameras clarity. Also it is important to air spray by cleaning the bugs from the external metal housing, checking cable entry channels, inspecting terminal connections, checking the housing fittings as well as cat 5 cable connectors for any corrosive damage. The benefits you will notice will be one of greater performance and better viewing experience for every user involved. It will also cost you less to have your alarm system regularly maintained and serviced than recurring breakdown repairs.

Regular service and alarm maintenance of your electronic security system is the best way to ensure consistent trouble free operation and significantly reduce the risk of troublesome false alarms.

What our Alarm Maintenance services provides

We have a well-organised response plan in connection to our technology partner's insuring greater solutions in every possible manner. As being a major maintenance business it is essential for us to maintain up-to-date responses regarding software updates if needed. This is very important to the functioning of security systems and importantly in maintaining the best security protection.

When carrying out these maintenance tasks we engage our experienced technicians to ensure the best in security protection to you. Our maintenance team are ready to help you today for your requirements.

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