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Melbourne Home Security Alarm Systems & Repairs

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Experienced security technicians with over 29 years experience in servicing repairing alarms

Security Alarm System Repairs to Bosch, Ness D8, KpX, Hills Reliance, R8, Networx, Honeywell, Ademco, Vista, Solution, DAS, Crow, DSC, systems and more

Alarm Maintenance is a leader in the alarm service repairs security industry in fixing false alarms, beeping keypads stopped, fault light/indicator on keypads rectified, re-code your existing or newly purchased security system, alarm code reset, repairing faulty security equipment, control panel box upgrades, alarm systems parts replaced, alarm system battery replacements & much more.

Our technicians in Melbourne can fix your faulty alarm system for quick response including upgrades to your existing control panel. We can also upgrade security systems to pet sensors if need be. We can add extra keypads or key ring remotes to your security system. Whatever your security requirements Alarm Maintenance offers reliable security services and can help in any emergency situation especially to switch off your security system to unexpected power surges, temporary mains outages, electrical storm damages or a mains power failure in your area. We can help protect your property today for fast call out service throughout Melbourne including a full range of security products which we stock in our service vehicles. We take great care when onsite in your house. Our expertise in protecting your property means that you can have peace of mind at home, asleep safe at night or when your out and about.

Home Business security service information

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Alarm Maintenance can repair service home alarm systems without requiring to purchase a whole new burglar alarm system. You may only have a faulty detector in a window sensor that is false alarming. This is when you may just require a simple replacement to the faulty device. About 3 to 5 years you will need an alarm battery replacement. In this case we will change the battery and check the whole security system. We do maintenance to old and existing control panels that breakdown over time. An economical solution is to fix your existing system which makes this more a cost saving way to go. No don`t need to replace the whole security system. We will remove the old alarm parts with a more modern looking one.

It is important to keep your local security system in good working order. Often servicing your alarm system helps reduce false alarms. Alarm Maintenance can help you with your FALSE ALARMS. We can fix alarm systems to local, domestic, commercial offices and we service beeping alarms & low battery replacements if this is not working properly 

some services we provide assistance for 

  • Alarm repairs to homes, offices, town houses, villa units, apartments, shops, real estate agents and business in Melbourne
  • Alarm keypad repairs, replacements to many old pre-existing code pads for on-site services, DIY (do it yourself) including security companies, sparky electricians, builders and hands-on electronic owner individuals in Australia
  • Supply and installation for additional remote control key fobs for arming disarming your system
  • Providing GSM GPRS Permaconn 24-HR control room monitoring back to base monitoring, ASIAL, Grade 1 approved
  • NBN compatible alarm systems including expander, receiver units, transmitter wire free devices connected
  • Tamper zone service trouble to siren box, strobe light, PIR detectors and control panel rectified
  • Smoke detector alarm repair service to periodical alarm maintenance
  • Licensed friendly technicians for quick service in Melbourne
  • Commissioning services to existing hard wired and wireless home security alarm systems
  • Re-code Reset Reprogram your intrusion system
  • Beeping alarm system and keypad services - Trouble light ON - Power indicator flashing - Fault light flashing - service icon light ON - Fire light flashing repaired
  • False alarms fixed for fast alarm service near me
  • We provide Emergency alarm services that need to be responded to very quickly
  • Alarm battery replacement (12 volt 7 amps to main unit) for mains fail back-up protection
  • Services to cable, battery terminals, fittings to screw wired connections repaired, 
  • Defective zone tamper devices replaced usually caused by old age and environmental conditions
  • Alarm systems repaired which are false alarming when you set the alarm and intermittently sounding
  • Emergency - Non emergency alarm system technical support services in Australia
  • Having issues if you cannot set your alarm system

    Alarm Maintenance provide friendly technicians to alarm repairs and security service in Melbourne.

    Alarm Maintenance repair service including: Alarm beeping - Preventing Break ins - Fixing faulty outside alarm siren - Upgrades - lost security pin code - alarm service - code pad fault light on - False alarms - Changing user codes - FAQ - Ness Navigator keypad Video - Service indicator ON - Ness GSM - alarm maintenance about us video


Alarm Maintenance in Melbourne services include changing alarm codes

In most cases changing user and master codes can be done very easily. You can check your user guide on how to change these codes. Our Alarm Maintenance can factory default the security system if you have lost your master code. If you think someone's knows your code please have it changed straight away. If you have purchased a new property with an existing security system have it serviced straight away and ask us to clear your remote control fobs.

We can repair alarm systems to most residential existing properties. Our service vehicles are stocked up well in advance to prepare for your emergency needs. Whatever your security requirements we offer fast reliable security services to give you total peace of mind. Whether your in a home, retail shop, office, builders, electricians, Alarm Maintenance can help provide 24-7 security service monitoring to protect peoples properties day and night in our control room in Melbourne

Security products

We stock a wide range of high quality security equipment including wireless home burglar alarms, as well as reliable monitoring products. We have many alarm parts in stock including old security code pads, control panel, sensors, default chips, power supplies, resistors, battery terminals, connectors, electronic components, advanced precision tools, multi-core security, electrical compliant conduit, cable and lots others. Our products are easy to operate and after expert services you can relax knowing that your property is safe and sound. We do many types of security maintenance to many popular alarm systems in Melbourne including external perimeter PIR (passive infrared) detection testing and fault finding diagnosis.  


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